Macro Research

Floating Path premium research service delivers to investment managers and institutions rigorous analysis of global leading macroeconomic indicators and their impact on the financial markets. We strive to translate complicated and misunderstood concepts into simple and digestible ideas.

Insights Blog

The blog supplements our research and helps shape the macro narrative by offering succinct and timely looks at developments in the global markets and economy.

As Seen In

Global Macro Trends

Economic Focus

Frequent updates on data releases and developments are provided to keep subscribers informed and current on the economic story.

Big Picture View

The broad economic situation and leading indicators are outlined offering color and guiding investors through the cycle.

Market Themes

Periodic notes are published when appropriate highlighting how the macro backdrop will translate into investment opportunities.

Relevant, Useful, And A Step Ahead

Unique Analysis

We are independent and privately-owned. Our esteemed charts and graphics serve as a visual foundation for our original ideas and perspectives.

Clients are promptly notified by email when each new research note is published, keeping you informed on the latest economic and market developments.

Single-user subscriptions are available as well as group rates for organizations with multiple users. For questions, samples, or more information about Floating Path research, please contact us.

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