Republicans Trust No One But Fox News

Fox News 300x283 Republicans Trust No One But Fox NewsThe confirmation bias is astounding.

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, reports on the media:

Public Policy Polling is out with their3rd annual TV news trust poll.Among Republicans, as the chart on the right shows, the shape of the river is simple: they don’t trust anyone except Fox News, who they adore. These numbers are spreads, with NBC, for example, garnering 17% trust vs. 69% distrust. Fox News, conversely, garners 73% trust vs. 17% trust.

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Well, you say, maybe this just means that trust in the media is really low these days? Nope. Democrats and Independents may not trust Fox, but they do trust everyone else. The percentages vary, with more skepticism toward some outlets than others, but what non-Republicans don’t do is simply dismiss television news en masse as a bunch of lying corporate shills.

Given how radical Fox News has become and how they are constantly touting every other media outlet has a “liberal bias,” this really comes as no surprise.

We all get the warm fuzzies when someone tells us something we want to hear, and we resist listening to people who tell us things we don’t want to hear. But there’s still a difference. As Paul says, “Conservatives and liberals are not equally prone to huddle within their self-reinforcing cocoons.” Liberals don’t immediately dismiss as a conspiracy everything they hear from the news media that doesn’t fit their preconceived notions. They might downplay unwelcome news or even ignore it, but they’re still willing to listen to it. Increasingly, conservatives simply aren’t. They want to believe the world is a certain way, and they’re just flatly not willing to countenance anything that might challenge those beliefs. This is not a healthy development for a modern democracy.

It’s a shame. Not that I think liberals are any less brainwashed as far as modern issues are concerned, but at least their choice in media is slightly more respectable. Fox News has become an embarrassment with the Glenn Becks leading the way. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, America.

hat tip Asymptosis, Angry Bear 

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