Blogosphere, We Get It…

A message from the internets.

Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture:

We get it, cognitive dissonance and psychology stuff. All financial professionals who have sneezed should be thrown in jail for the rest of their days. Also, our confirmation bias is telling us that that thing we thought we liked we actually only like because we like it.

Tadas Viskanta at Abnormal Returns:

We get it, there’s a linkfest for that.

Downtown Josh Brown at The Reformed Broker:

We get it, our homeboy thinks that shiz is whack, wtf they be thinksin buying in at that price?

James Altucher:

We get it, you have killed puppies and murdered babies and robbed banks and lied to the Pope and are probably lying to us right now, but it’s cool ’cause you’re honest about it.

Paul Krugman at the New York Times:

We get it, that guy whose opinion slightly differs from yours must be an idiot.

Brad Delong at Grasping Reality with the Invisible Hand:

We get it, no, that guy really is an idiot, probably the dumbest person in the world, everyone should go tell him how dumb he is right now.

Mark Thoma at Economist’s View:

We get it, we should just keep spending and spending and spending and doing otherwise is pretty much heartless towards the poor.

Brad Delong and Mark Thoma:

We get it, you suckle at the Krugman teet.

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution:

We get it, you’re probably the most well-cultured person alive, now tell us where to eat and what to see at some remote location we’ve never heard of.

Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution:

We get it, there’s a market for those organs you aren’t using, sign up today!

Felix Salmon at Reuters:

We get it, consumer spending issues like payday loans and prepaid debit cards are important and all, but we should really be focusing on developing bike lanes in urban areas, experimenting with fine wines, and appreciating expensive artwork.


We get it, bomb-shelter-up with your gold, the apocalypse is near.

Bill McBride at Calculated Risk:

We get it, you’re going to put the economic numbers into beautiful charts the government isn’t smart enough to do themselves. Also, you’ll continue to keep a tight watch on that indicator we’ve never heard of that tracks deliveries by canoe to some island and apparently has its own index.

Scott Sumner at The Money Illusion:

We get it, NGDP targeting.


We get it, layoffs, bonuses, eating contests, fashion, and extramarital affairs.

Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism:

We get it, you’re with Ritholtz, jail ’em all, MERS. Also, look at these adorable cuddly creatures.

Mike Shedlock at Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis:

We get it, you’re going to examine a problem that probably isn’t a very big deal and tell us how its going to ruin modern civilization.

Greg Mankiw:

We get it, all of our problems could be fixed if we just lowered taxes on the rich/job-creators/scrooges.

Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider:

We get it, check out these 2 SHOCKING economic indicators that will change the way we view the WORLD forever.

Steve Randy Waldman at Interfluidity:

We get it, finance and banking is complex but you understand it. It’s also very complex.

Mark Perry at CARPE DIEM:

We get it, drill baby drill!

Noah Smith at Noahpinion:

We get it, you’re an econoblogosphere mediator of sorts.

Cullen Roche at Pragmatic Capitalism:

We get it, QE is NOT printing money.


We get it, Apple is a good company and makes good products. Not only that, you’re going to just present the “facts” to us in an “unbiased” way so that we can decide for ourselves that Apple invented the wheel and democracy and capitalism and electricity and has 21489045 patents on that one thing that somebody else just made.