D.C. Has More Adulterers Than Anywhere Else

Family Values 480x360 D.C. Has More Adulterers Than Anywhere ElseWould you expect anything less from politics central?

Ashley Madison, a web site for adulterers seeking flings, has revealed that Washington D.C. has the highest per capita users of their service. This comes as no surprise as the slimiest people walking this earth seem to be the politicians.

Noel Biderman, CEO of Avid Life Media, the parent company of AshleyMadison, did a short interview with the Washington Post.

Q: What was the methodology behind the rankings? What did you take into account when ranking cheating-friendly cities?

The cities were ranked on a total members-per-capita basis. We obtained the metro area population from WolframAlpha. The exception is Washington, D.C., where the calculations were based on the city population. We have 37,943 members in Washington, D.C.

Does being “successful” correlate with cheating in your experience? Why?

Yes, for two distinct reasons. First, most people who achieve a level of success do so from taking professional risks, that for the most part pay off, and this underlying personality trait may then lead these individuals to take personal risks as well.

Second, cheating is directly correlated to opportunity. The more successful you are the more you tend to travel for work and pleasure, and more often removed from your family, interacting with individuals with whom commonalities surface.

Q.What’s the subscription rate for Ashley Madison in D.C.?

A. For Washington, DC, Ashleymadison.com receives approximately 30 new sign-ups per day with peaks on Mondays.

The success and opportunity theory doesn’t really hold for some other cities. The theory should be that the less of a spine you have the more likely you are to sign up.


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