Russian And Scandinavian Women Have Huge Cans

Well what can I say, some maps are more fun than others. created this cool visual of the average breast sizes of women worldwide. Russian and Scandinavian women sport the largest boobs in the world at greater than a D cup. Southeast Asia and parts of Africa are on the other end and have the smallest jugs with A cups.

The bra size is made up of two readings (translated).

The chest, indicating the size of the entire breast, and under bust. The latter determines the numerical part of the bra-size, eg 70, 85 or 90 – depending on how many inches the underbust measures. The difference between the two measured circumferences is the cup size that is specified using letters, eg A, B or DD. As the number is incremented in the alphabet. 12 to 14 centimeters difference is for example an A-Cup, 14 -16, a B-cup or 16 – 18 is a C cup.

This information could save your life one day.

Atlas of cup sizes Russian And Scandinavian Women Have Huge Cans

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  • Rodney Vese

    Thanks for the helpful information , I was not aware of the numbers behind the ranking.

  • Rodney Vese

    This map makes sense, at least from my visual observations of women

  • Miguel

    This site truly has all of the information I needed concerning this subject
    and didn’t know who to ask.