Who Actually Votes In America?

Polling Booths 435x317 Who Actually Votes In America?

Only about 64% of voting age American’s, that’s who. A new infographic from Take Part (via ZeroHedge) looks at the demographics of who actually makes it to the voting booth.

They reveal that women vote considerably more than men, and that Whites and Blacks vote far, far more frequently than Hispanics and Asians. Voting participation also increases with age.

Married folks, who often have children, vote more than singles, which makes sense that they perhaps care more about this country for the next generation.

Voting participation increases with wealth, and the employed vote at a higher rate than the jobless. This makes very little sense as you would think the jobless would be the most inclined to enact change or voice their opinions. Skip the Occupy Movement and make it to a voting booth instead.

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