A Changing Population

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This infographic has been designed to highlight some of the interesting demographic shifts happening in the United States. The nation is growing older, as reflected from results obtained through the decennial census (Summary File 1).

According to the Census Bureau, “focusing on a populations age and sex composition is one of the most basic ways to understand popultion change over time” (Age and Sex composition, released May 2011). Since the last census was taken, the population has continued to age and many states are now approaching a median age close to 40 years old. In fact, the largest percent change from 2000-2010 was seen in people ages 45-64 with a growth of over 31 percent.

The smallest growth rates were seen in ages 18 – 44 at 0.6 percent and ages under 18 at a rate of 2.6 percent. This could be an indicator of the social challenges that we as a nation may face in the years to come (eg: social security, medicare).

Another interesting shift in the population was in Louisianna, where the damage done by hurricane Katrina is still looming. In fact, this graphic highlights the large population losses suffered in that state in 2005. Take for example St. Bernard Parish (map below), it has seen its population decrease 46.6 percent since 2000 according to decennial census numbers, but is now showing signs of increased double digit growth, although still well below the numbers it saw in 2000.  This indicates the true devastation felt in the counties of Louisiana and the struggles they have to face in rebuilding one of the great cultural centers of the United States.

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