Corporate Contributions And Political Leanings

A simple yet informative presentation from Adam Bonica of Stanford University reveals some interesting findings on political leanings.

Using more than 85 million records since 1979 to form a campaign finance database, Bonica is able to dissect the leanings of particularĀ individualsĀ and institutions.

He finds that Academics, Newspaper and Print Media, the Entertainment Industry, and Online Computer Services all have fairly liberal political leanings. On the other hand, Oil, Gas & Coal, Mining, Building & Construction, and Agriculture all sit more to the ideological right.


These results are mostly intuitive, given that conservatives tend to support natural resources expansion and liberals are more apt to back education and wealth equality.

Corporate board members were also ranked on their ideologies, and the same pattern generally holds.


Board members of energy companies have conservative preferences while technology entities are more liberal. The rest of the field sits mainly in the middle, perhaps because they are likely to endorse and support whatever politicians currently sit in office, regardless of affiliation.