U.S. Aircraft Carriers Compared To The Rest Of The World

Today’s reminder of just how large the U.S. military has grown is a visualization of aircraft carriers. Global Security has mapped out all of the world’s aircraft carriers to scale and shows that the U.S. has, well, most of them.

The U.S. sports 20 carriers, compared to only 12 for the rest of the world combined. There is no solid definition of an aircraft carrier, but Global Security is measuring ships on both a minimum size and whether they have a hangar deck. They narrowed it down to only 32 in the world meeting the requirements.

This list also excludes ships that have been retired, and notes that several new ships that are currently under construction are not pictured.

Do we really need a bigger military budget?

All The Worlds Aircraft Carriers 650x822 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Compared To The Rest Of The World

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    Yes, we need a strong military. Why do you think we out class all others, by cutting military readiness? Duh!