Revolutionary World’s Tallest Building Gets Chinese Approval

Sky City 1 600x449 Revolutionary Worlds Tallest Building Gets Chinese ApprovalThe Burj Khalifa in Dubai will soon lose its title as World’s Tallest Building thanks to recent Chinese approval for the planned “Sky City.” The building is being constructed by Broad Group, a Chinese company previously known for wizardry in the manufacturing of air conditioning, and is the dream of company founder Zhang Yue. While the original intention was to have it completed this past winter, the plans were hung up by Chinese officials and after much media fanfare, the story went cold. Now with seemingly all the red tape cut, the essentially self-contained city has excitement starting to build again.

Part of the reason for the delay, and much of the mystiqe behind this monumental project, is the speed with which it will be built. Broad Group intends to have the 220-story skyscraper completed in only seven months after initially breaking ground. Their speed is thanks to a genius process of using giant pre-fabricated pieces and merely hoisting and bolting them into place. While the future economic impact on the construction industry is still untold, we do know that Sky City will only cost $140 per square foot, or about 10% of the cost of the Burj Khalifa.

Even though these ideas may seem far-fetched, these are the folks that constructed a 15 story hotel in only 6 days. What’s more, Zhang Yue believes he can soon build his biggest dream, a 636-story skyscraper of epic proportions. An excerpt from a recent Reuters interview regarding the chances of his monumental goal demonstrates Yue’s aspirations, and his desire of environmental protection and human betterment that has defined Broad Group over the years.

“One hundred percent! Some say that it’s sensationalism to construct such a tall building. That’s not so. Land shortages are already a grave problem. There’s also the very serious transportation issue. We must bring cities together and stretch for the sky in order to save cities and save the Earth. We must eliminate most traffic, traffic that has no value! And we must reduce our dependency on roads and transportation.”

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