U.S. Metropolitan Areas Ranked By Rent Prices

Most Expensive US Rents 600x457 U.S. Metropolitan Areas Ranked By Rent Prices

Contrary to what you may have expected, New York is not in the top spot, though it is in the top 10. The chart above was compiled by Bloomberg based on data from the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey. The Riverside-San Bernadino area saw the highest increase in prices in percentage terms since 2009, coming in at 3.52%. The New York-Northern New Jersey area was in the middle of the pack in increases at a rate of 2.82%. Worth noting here is that 5 of these top 10 areas are in the state of California.

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  • Elvis Donofrio

    How old is this information. The rent for SF recently shot up to 3500 per month. I wish I could get a pad for 1400 please.