Air Force Drone Crashes In Florida

It appears as though a QF-4 Drone has crashed outside of Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. Despite the Obama administration’s talk of scaling back drone activity, they seem to be doing quite the opposite with recent attacks on Al Qaeda members and successful tests of landings aboard aircraft carriers.

The Air Force described the QF-4 as a supersonic, reusable full-scale target drone modified from the F-4 Phantom and “provides a realistic full-scale target for air-to-air weapons system evaluation, development and testing.” The aircraft measures 63 feet long, 30,328 pounds and has a wingspan of more than 38 feet. Converting each jet to a UAV costs the Air Force an average of $2.6 million.

Only last week, officials at Tyndall ordered another QF-4 to self-destruct over the Gulf of Mexico. “The drone was carrying a small self-destruct charge and had to be destroyed for safety considerations during its return to base following a routine operation,” Tyndall announced at the time.

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