Top Floating Path Posts Of 2013

Old Man 600x337 Top Floating Path Posts Of 2013

2013 has passed, so it’s time to take a look back at the year that was. I’ve been covering a wider range of U.S economic data than ever, and that will continue to expand further in 2014.

Brandon began posting and made some tremendous contributions this year with his weekly HFT Shenanigans posts, which drew the attention of power-influencers like Mark Cuban more than a few times.

Below are the top posts of the year. Some have been discounted if they were more routine posts or were simply fueled by heavy Google traffic.

10. China: The Edifice Complex

9.  The FOMC’s New Voting Members For 2014

8.  A Deeper Look At The Quality Of Jobs Added In The U.S.

7.  Two Monkeys React To Inequality

6.  The College Backgrounds Of Members Of Congress

5.  The Asian Financial Vulnerability Heat Map

4.  Global Penetration Rates In The Home Appliance Market

3.  Italy Imposes World’s First Tax On HFT

2.  Revolutionary World’s Tallest Building Gets Chinese Approval

1.  Punditry In Today’s Financial Media

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