FOMC Minutes
HFT Shenanigans: More Cards In The Stacked Deck
HFT Shenanigans - DAX Flash Crash
Fed Minutes From December 17-18 Meeting
Federal Reserve
Mapping Iran’s Nuclear Facilities
IRAN_NUCLEAR.jpg  796×1234
HFT Shenanigans: FITB, Gold Futures And FX Manipulation
HFT Shenanigans - FITB
European Union Plans To Limit Dark Pool Trading
European Union Plans To Limit Dark Pool Trading
Goldman ‘Absolutely Got Annihilated’ On Fed’s ‘No Taper’ And Lost $1 Billion On Currency Trades
Goldman 'Absolutely Got Annihilated' On Fed's 'No Taper' And Lost $1 Billion On Currency Trades
Fed Minutes Say Taper Likely In Coming Months
Tracking the Fed
Zimbabwe’s Economy Under Mugabe
Robert Mugabe
A Practical Look At Global House Price Levels
Ireland Houses
Consumer Sentiment Falls To 75.2
US Consumer Sentiment - Preliminary Reading October 2013
How The S&P 500 Reacts To Government Shutdowns
Obama and Boehner
14.5% Of U.S. Households Were Food Insecure Last Year
Food Insecurity Demographics
Final August Consumer Sentiment Reading At 82.1
US Consumer Sentiment - Final Reading August 2013
Big Banks May Be Manipulating The Currency Market
big banks may be manipulating currency market
U.S. Daily Newspapers – The Surviving And The Irrelevant
The STate of US Newspapers
The Washington Post Sale Is A Small Deal
Top World Newspaper Deals
Trading Pits Dying A Slow And Painful Death
750 Million Of The World’s Cellphones Hackable In Minutes
SIM cards
The Generational Divide In News Consumption
Main News Platform by Age
Latest HFT Shenanigans: SPY Options And Yet More Early Data Access
DailySPYOptionQuotes-HFT Shenanigans
June Preliminary Consumer Sentiment Reading Shows Slight Decline
US Consumer Sentiment - June 2013 Preliminary
The Top 10 Countries That Request User Data From Tech Companies
Top 10 Countries Requesting user Data From Tech Companies
Consumer Sentiment Jumps To 84.5 In May, Highest In Nearly 6 Years
Consumer Sentiment - May 2013 Final
24% Of Youths In The Euro Area Are Unemployed
Eurozone Youth Unemployment - May 28 2013
Revolutionary World’s Tallest Building Gets Chinese Approval
Sky City 1
Consumer Sentiment Reaches Highest Level In 6 Years
US Consumer Sentiment - Preliminary - May 2013
Monsanto And The Anti-GMO Movement
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