United States

Housing Starts Increase To Annual Rate Of 946k
Housing Starts
Slow Store Sales Are Still Slow
Store Sales
Consumer Price Index Increases 0.2% In March
Distributive Trade Sales And Manufacturers’ Shipments Increase 0.8%
Business Inventories
Retail Sales Jump 1.1% In March
Retail Sales
U.S. Economic Radar – April 11, 2014
Tracking The Fed – April 10, 2014
Tracking the Fed
U.S. Treasury Runs Budget Deficit Of $36.9 Billion In March
Treasury Budget
Weekly U.S. Intermodal Rail Traffic Up 12.7% Year Over Year
Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Fall To 300k, Lowest Since 2007
Jobless Claims
Store Sales Continue To Soften
Store Sales
Consumer Credit Grows At Annual Rate Of 6.4% In February
Consumer Credit
Many U.S. Companies Hold More Cash Than Entire Nations
SNAP Participation Falls Another 0.51%
SNAP Participation
U.S. Economic Radar – April 4, 2014
The U.S. Employment Situation – March 2014
Employment Situation
Tracking The Fed – April 3, 2014
Tracking the Fed
Weekly U.S. Intermodal Rail Traffic Up 13.5% Year Over Year
International Trade Deficit Increases To $42.3 Billion In February
Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Rise To 326k
Jobless Claims
Light Vehicle Sales Increase To Annual Rate Of 16.40 Million In March
Vehicle Sales
Factory Orders Increase 1.6% In February
ADP Sees 191k New Payrolls In March
ADP Employment
National Gas Price Rises To $3.53 Per Gallon In March
Gasoline Prices
Small Business Employment Was Little Changed In March
Intuit Small Business
Restaurant Performance Index Decreases To 100.5
Store Sales Slow To A Crawl Waiting For A Late Easter This Year
Store Sales
Construction Spending Rises 0.1% In February
Construction Spending